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We are very proud to say: PINK PANDA is one of the biggest online makeup stores in the region.

In the past 8 years we gained the trust of 426.721 clients from Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italia, Bulgaria and Romania, and shipped over 3.5 million products. We offer more than 12.831 products from at least 147 brands.

You should know there are 5 things we will never compromise on:

Only cruelty-free makeup > This is our TOP priority. No innocent animals should ever suffer because of makeup. Unfortunately, there are still some places in the world that allow animal testing. However, things are slowly improving; for example, since 2003 it is prohibited to import such items in the European Union. Most of our products have the PETA or Leaping Bunny certificate. Furthermore, we always thoroughly examine our manufacturers and distributors to make absolutely sure our products are cruelty-free.
100 % original products > Honesty is the base for every good relationship, agree? :) That’s why we offer only 100 % original products and provide all the information about their origin & manufacturing.
Excellent quality > Our team tests out every single product to make sure it meets our quality standards. There is no place for shitty makeup on our shelves!
Affordable price > Simply put: Good quality makeup should be available to everybody. End of discussion!
Friendly attitude > We welcome all! From makeup rookies to proper makeup junkies. We are always happy to help our customers with advice, makeup tutorials, and other useful content.

But ... You should also know this:

PINK PANDA is not just an online store. In its heart it is a family of young, enthusiastic people from all over Europe. There are currently 45 members in our amazing team. Every day we all work hard to take the best care of our visitors and customers. From their first click, to the moment they open their package and get to enjoy our makeup.

Who is Maja?


She co-founded PINK PANDA with her at the time boyfriend (and now her best friend) Gregor.

This is actually a rather unlikely story. Now you probably cannot even imagine it, but ... Maja was quite a tomboy growing up and didn’t discover makeup until her college years! And when she was finally tempted to dive into the beauty world she felt rather lost.

This was because she really didn’t know anything about makeup. While asking for advice, she was often confronted with a cold, unfriendly, and almost mocking attitude from cosmetic shop assistants. Luckily, at that time, the YouTube beauty scene was starting to pop up. She began watching beauty tutorials and learned the makeup basics in only a couple of weeks.

What’s more, she discovered plenty of new and amazing brands, and a lot of cruelty-free products. This was very important to her, because she was a vegetarian and later also became vegan. Unfortunately, she quickly realized she could not get such products in her local drugstores. Therefore, her only option was to order from abroad.

Maja was happy but shocked at the same time. This was a completely new experience for her. If she stuck only to the local offer (and customer experience), she would NEVER get to enjoy makeup so much!

And when this realization hit her, she started to wonder: “How many more amazing products exist … but nobody has never even heard about them?” Did other girls and women experience similar difficulties as she did? These questions didn’t give her a peace of mind and after some discussions with Gregor, she took the greatest, the most unbelievable step in her life …

To open her own online makeup store! So on the 1st of April 2010 Maja and Gregor launched (which translates to for the Slovenian market.

They put all their knowledge, effort and time into it and were managing every single thing by themselves - from website editing to promotion, customer support, and shipping. From the very beginning they wanted to offer something more to their customers. Not only quality, affordable and cruelty-free products, but also a better shopping experience in general - with a friendly attitude, advice, and useful makeup-related content.

Apparently it was the step in the right direction. Slovenians welcomed the store with great enthusiasm. This drove Maja and Gregor to think outside the borders. At that moment, PINK PANDA was born.

Until this day Maja absolutely loves to search for new and awesome makeup to include in our store. Also, she still gets the biiiiigest smile on her face everytime she receives a friendly thank you note from a happy client.

Her passion for makeup grows bigger and bigger. She believes: “Makeup is not about hiding your “bad” features. It is about (re-)discovering your beauty and having fun along the way.”

How can I sign up?

It’s easy peasy! :) Simply enter your info in the sign up form > HERE <

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After that, we will carefully review your application, match it with our selection criteria and reply to you ASAP.

What is the selection criteria?

If we imagine our PINK PANDA STAR, she is:

Passionate about makeup.
Loves to test out and review new makeup products.
Is just bursting with ideas and desires to create new makeup looks.
Wants to grow her personal brand and following.
Creates engaging content & stylish visuals quickly.
Is an expert in the makeup scene and follows all the latest trends.
Has already started growing her audience on social media platforms.
Posts regularly on her social media accounts and knows how to keep her followers engaged.
Reliable, hard-working, committed and ready for long-term collaboration.

Ooops ... Did we just describe you perfectly? :)

Do I need Instagram or Youtube?

If a picture tells a thousand words ... then a video tells a million!

Because we really want our customers get a good feel and understanding about our makeup products, we would love to collaborate with YouTube creators.

But if your jam is Instagram, we are definitely open for business too! ;)